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The environmental factors that affect a product enormously influence its characteristics and functions within the cycle of its service life. To gain a basis for improving such characteristics, product behavior can be simulated in artificial aging processes by time-accelerating these products or components.

With the accreditation of our laboratory we are able to comply with global standards for measurement processes and to guarantee such standards. High-precision test results can only be achieved with the continuous monitoring of processes.

OSRAM Herbrechtingen Automotive Services - tests car lighting products under real conditions

Accreditation consistent with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

Since 2013 our laboratory is accredited as a testing laboratory for environmental simulations

The range of services of the laboratory covers the following test methods:

Climate analysis

In the climatic chamber, environmental factors, such as temperature or humidity fluctuations, are simulated and their effects on the functional capability of products are tested.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Climate analysis

Corrosion analysis/gas tests

We check industrial materials, components and/or systems for their resistance to corrosive atmospheres. In addition to salt spray tests, we offer noxious gas tests in the condensation and various dry gas procedure.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Corrosion Analyses

Vibration analysis

A product is exposed to various mechanical loads during its product life cycle. This may concern both transport and normal operation. To ensure that the product is able to withstand such loads, they are simulated in the test laboratory with vibration tests.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Vibration Analysis

Shock test high G

By implementing mechanical shock tests, specific conditions that may affect the object during transport or with later use should be tested.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Shock Test High G

Transport simulation/packaging test

Our experts do not just carry out packaging tests or transport simulations, they also provide you with their knowledge to advise you and develop the right packaging for your product.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Transport simulation/packaging test

High speed recording

Our MotionPro X system features a wide spectrum of dynamic recording options that enables the research and analysis of high-speed processes.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: High Speed Recording

Portable measurement data recording

To develop reliable products, it is important to have precise knowledge of the load profiles occurring in later use. With load measurements on location and with real use, relevant environmental, and operating loads are measured and analyzed.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Portable measurement data recording

Tensile and compression Test

We offer tensile and compressive tests in materials testing and quality assurance, e.g. tests on prefabricated supply lines, plugs, components and many more. Our mechanical tests such as tension, compression and bending, as well as the determination of insertion, pulling and holding forces can be applied in a variety ways to materials and components.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Tensile and compression test

Stone impact test

In the automotive industry, multicoated paint systems are applied to protect the bodywork. Spreading material, gravel and others cause impacts on these coatings, whereby individual or all layers can chip off from the substrate. The stone impact test is a standardized test method for investigating the durability of coatings and is required in a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers' standards.

Outside of these standards, we also offer examinations of many other material surfaces, e.g. the investigation of the durability of headlamps or distance warning systems in case of stone chips - contact us!

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Stone impact test

Sun simulation

With our solar simulation system, we recreate the natural spectrum of sunlight. Herewith, the sunlight can be combined with temperature and humidity. In this way, we are able to simulate the aging of components.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Sun simulation

IP protection class

The IP protection type code describes the protection of a casing or enclosure against the invasion of solid foreign bodies, against the contact with dangerous parts, and against the intrusion of water. The different types of influences are divided into individual IP classes.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: IP Protection class

Outgassing test

The use of materials based on organic compounds such as plastics and adhesives promises great potential for the products of the future. However, these materials also pose risks due the problem of outgassing. Our outgassing test shows the effects due to long term use way sooner.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: IP Protection class

Electrical testing of control units

Electronics and software have become indispensable components in automobiles. Therefore the verification of the development results include not only the mechanical systems, but also the electronic control units and their software. The complexity of highly networked systems places high demands on the test process and the test tools. Systematic and comprehensive tests are necessary at all stages of development.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Electrical testing of control units


We offer photometric measurements of various kinds. Our range of standard-compliant measurements ranges from the determination of the luminous flux of lamps and luminaires to the photometric testing of vehicle headlamps according to SAE as well as ECE regulations.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Photometry


Due our long-standing experience and performance in the field of environmental and product analysis paired with a broad spectrum of process analytical methods, we do not only offer our customers reliable data, but also complete solutions including consulting from a single source.

Using modern microscope equipment in the laboratory, it is possible to determine and document even the smallest modifications to test objects. The photo option helps the customers to draw their own conclusions of the results and serves as an addition to the provided test report.

Environment Simulation Laboratory: Analytics

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