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Stone impact test

The stone impact test is a standardized test method for investigating the durability of coatings and is required in a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers' standards.?In the standard-compliant multi-grit tester, coated test specimens are bombarded in rapid succession by many small sharp-edged impactors (standardized chilled cast granules). The shelling material is accelerated with compressed air at a fixed angle to the test specimen. Thereafter, the stone chip resistance is evaluated.

The extent of the damage also depends on the working pressure, the mass of the shelling material and the shooting time. We examine the coating under the microscope and document the destruction by comparison with images for you.

Our services:

  • Testing the stone chip resistance of coatings (multi impact testing according to DIN EN ISO 20567-1)

Technical specifications

Shelling distance

290 mm

Shelling angle54 °
Firing pressure 200 kPa (= 2 bar)
Shooting area 80 x 80 mm

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