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Tensile and compression test

With our test system, property values on test specimens in form of mechanical stress are determined by a swift, static, swelling or alternating course by means of an electromechanical drive.

The specimens are loaded by the test values force, torque or deformation with defined value, time sequence and defined frequency. The classic test types are tensile, compression and bending tests based on various test standards.

With our tensile and compression tests, we offer strength and component tests in the load range up to a maximum of 5 kN. Clamping tools and testing equipment are available for the following tests:

  • Static and dynamic tensile tests
  • Static and dynamic compression tests
  • bending tests

Technical specifications - Zwick/Roell ProLine Z005

Test load, max. 5 kN
Testing roomHeight: 1070mm
Width: 440mm
Load frameHeight: 1331mm
Width: 917mm
Depth: 358mm
Crosshead speedvmin: 0,0005 mm/min.
vmax: 1500 mm/min.
Increased crosshead return speed (at reduced force): 2000 mm/min.
Crosshead return speedMax. 2000 mm/min.
Accuracy of the set speed 0,05 % von vN
Drive system’s travel resolution0,039 µm
Positioning, repetition accuracy (without reversing direction)± 2,0 µm
Cycle time1000 Hz
Load cell Xforce PClass 1 in the range of 0.4 ... 100% of Fnom?Class 0.5 in the range of 2 ... 100% of Fnom
Load cell Xforce HPClass 1 at Fnom ≥ 200 N in the range of 0.2 to 100%?Class 0.5 in the range of 1 ... 100%

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