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Becoming as popular as fluorescent ECGs, HID ECGs or electronic trans formers, LED drivers fulfill similar requirements for highly efficient and reliable illumination in shops, offices and industrial areas.

Typical required features of LED drivers are:

  • CLO (Constant Lumen Output) function
  • To ensure a constant light level over the lifetime of the LED luminaire and to extend the LED lifetime.
  • DALI interface
  • For intelligent integration into building management systems.
  • Touch DIM function
  • Simple and cost-efficient interface for smaller lighting installations.
  • Permitted switching cycles
  • OPTOTRONIC DALI LED drivers and OSRAM LED modules are specified for a minimum of 100 000 switching cycles. When switching 50 times a day, a minimum of 5 years of reliable operation is possible.
  • EL sign
  • Reliable operation in emergency installations in luminaires according to EN 605982-2-22 with central or group batteries.
  • Low ripple
  • High light quality and camera-proof light.
  • Industry driver
  • For reliable long-term operation in industrial areas.
  • Window driver :
  • Large operating window to reduce number of LED driver types in luminaire manufacturing and maintenance.
  • To enable operation of various LED confi gurations from different LED manufacturers.
  • Future-proof drivers for new LED generations.
  • Output current settable via LEDset, resistor or Tuner4TRONIC (software) and DALI magic (hardware).
  • LEDset
  • Standardized interface for correct current setting of window rivers.
  • Hybrid dimming
  • Amplitude dimming (between 100 and 30 % of the luminous fl ux) for high energy efficiency and PWM dimming (between 30 and 1 % of the luminous fl ux) for same light and light color even at lower dimming levels.

Hybrid dimming

OTi DALI operating range (non-isolated)


OSRAM offers two main families of LED drivers: OPTOTRONIC Linear and OPTOTRONIC Compact.

Main characteristics of OPTOTRONIC Linear LED drivers

  • All housings with a cross section of 30 x 21 mm
  • Fully programmable and digital platform with OPTOTRONIC Intelligent DALI window drivers
  • 3 ON/OFF product families: OPTOTRONIC Intelligent window drivers, OPTOTRONIC FIT with 3 current settings, OPTOTRONIC FIT with fixed output currents
  • SELV and non-isolated versions: many possible combinations with LED modules

Main characteristics of OPTOTRONIC Compact LED drivers

  • 1 fully programmable and digital platform with OPTOTRONIC Intelligent DALI
  • 2 ON/OFF product families: OPTOTRONIC FIT and OPTOTRONIC ECO with 3 current settings
  • OPTOTRONIC ECO Phase Cut for dimming with trailing- and leading-edge phase-cut dimmers
  • Many possible combinations with LED modules