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Technical application guide

Touch DIM and corridor function for OPTOTRONIC DALI

Touch DIM – light dimming with standard push-buttons
Touch DIM operation is the effective way to adjust the lighting in smaller installations without a DALI controller.
You just need to connect simple push-buttons to the DALI drivers in order to enable light dimming with an adjustable memory function.

Touch DIM operation:

  • Switch the light on/off: Short press (< 0.5 s)
  • Dim the light: Long press (> 0.5 s), the dimming direction is changed with each press
  • Store the reference value: Double-click (press twice within 0.4 s) when the light is on
  • Delete reference value: Double-click when the light is off

Operating modes of Touch DIM function
OSRAM OTi DALI LED drivers offer 2 operating modes for Touch DIM operation. They differ in terms of switch-on behavior

  • Touch DIM mode 1* (default mode): The switch-on value is always the last dimming level before the light was switched off. After a mains voltage interruption, you get the same light level like before.
  • Touch DIM mode 2: The switch-on value is stored by double-clicking. After a mains voltage interruption as well, the DALI drivers dim to the stored light value. This means, after a short press of the push-button, the DALI drivers dim to this stored light value.

Touch DIM installations for max. 20 DALI drivers and up to 25 m cable length
By just using simple standard push-buttons, i.e. without additional DALI controllers, the Touch DIM function allows the dimming of up to 20 drivers with a total open DALI cable length of up to 25 m.

Touch DIM installations for more than 25 m cable length with DALI repeater
For reliable synchronous dimming in Touch DIM operation even with an open DALI wire length of more than 25 m, OSRAM recommends the use of a DALI repeater. With a DALI repeater, reliable synchronous dimming is even possible for larger distances and a large number of DALI drivers. On the output side of the DALI repeater, DALI commands are sent to the individual DALI drivers. Due to the fact that these DALI commands go to all connected DALI drivers, all DALI drivers behave the same.

OSRAM offers 2 types of DALI repeaters:

  • DALI REPEATER LI – version for luminaire integration
  • DALI REPEATER SO – snap-on version with stand-by switch-off possibility

With the DALI REPEATER LI, up to 64 DALI drivers or additional DALI repeaters can be connected, allowing for larger DALI installations. All DALI drivers behave the same. Several push-buttons can be connected in parallel on the input side. The maximum permitted cable length is 100 m.

Touch DIM Sensor – effective daylight and presence detection
Daylight harvesting: The user can simply set the desired lighting level with a push-button. The more natural light is available, the less artificial light will be added.

Touch DIM Sensor operation

  • Adjust lighting level: Long press when light is on
  • Set lighting level: Double-press when light is on at desired level

Corridor function – easy time-based lighting profiles for up to 20 DALI drivers
The corridor functionality offers the possibility to light up rooms automatically using standard push-buttons or presence detection sensors (PIR). It is possible to define a time-based lighting profile with up to three different levels, which are fully customizable with the software DALI Wizard or Tuner4TRONIC.

It is possible to connect the DALI LED drivers directly to commercially available motion sensors. The corridor function is triggered by a switching signal, i.e. the voltage of the supply line (220–240 V, 50/60 Hz) is switched to the DALI control line inputs (DA, DA; see diagram below). A preset “out-of-the-box” control profile is activated upon triggering. This can be individually adjusted via DALI Wizard or Tuner4TRONIC and DALI magic. Three light levels and six time and fade settings are available for this purpose.