Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster

Aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster


Light is the soul of architecture

LINEARlight Rigid NICHE – aesthetic design that makes your heart beat faster!

Create extraordinary lighting solutions that reach a new level of elegance and flexibility. LINEARlight Rigid NICHE provide an exceptional 24V modular system for miniaturized lighting applications in narrow spaces. The miniaturized slim light sources can be integrated perfectly into the architecture to achieve powerful but amazing aesthetic light fixtures. This rigid LED light source with a viewing angle of 120° fits around corners and under shelves with a seamless and homogenous soft light and disappears even in the smallest coves or niches: the ideal solution for retail outlets, supermarkets or the accentuation of showcases, corridors and stairwells.

  • Elegant appearance
  • Soft lighting
  • Super slim design
  • Seamless connection hidden in the structure
  • Homogeneous light


  • Elegant appearance delivering soft lighting in super slim design
  • Available in warm white and cool white
  • Easy installation and surface mounting with screws or magnets
  • modular and combinable blocks from 10 cms to 120 cms enable versatile and elegant designs
LINEARlight Rigid NICHE Family Datasheet


  • 24 V miniature luminaire 6.5mm x 9mm
  • 700 lm/m - Color consistency <2.5 SCDM
  • Lifetime up to 50,000 hours L70B50 at Tp
  • Dimmable by OPTOTRONIC LED driver

Flexible Constant Voltage Solutions – more than just lines of light.

From hospitality, to office, retail and beyond – add value and a heartbeat to your design!

Since perfect lighting is of special importance in hotels and restaurants, it requires great attention. Sophisticated, well thought-out lighting concepts and LED lighting systems contribute significantly to creating an atmosphere where guests feel at ease from the very first moment and enjoy their stay. It is essential that rooms can be cleverly divided into different zones enhancing privacy or relaxation while ensuring that public areas are brightly lit. Add a sophisticated look to hospitality projects with LINEARlight Rigid NICHE. Various white tones and delicate LED building blocks with an viewing angle of 120 degree allow you to design premium, delicate lines of light, glare-free and dimmable, based on the latest standards in the lighting industry. Linearlight Rigid NICHE is ideal for various applications: from magnet-mounted constant voltage luminaires for product or promotion presentation right up to concealed, indirect lighting.

Moreover, bring lighting designs for office to a new level and add value with delicate lines when it is suitable and exactly in the length required. In fact, perfect lighting is a key prerequisite for creating a working or learning atmosphere that motivates employees, customers, school pupils or students. Our State-of-the-art LED lighting provides you with numerous options to present your company, school, academy or university in a perfect light – and combine decorative, colorful light accents with white light. Flexible, intelligent lighting systems open up possibilities which would have been unthinkable in the past, such as daylight simulation or the automatic reduction of light values to save energy while enabling flexible room use. Add Intelligent dimmable control units and lamps to reduce energy consumption in case of long operating times and even cover and enhance ancillary areas such as corridors, stairways and basement garages.

OSRAM lighting systems cam help to build and enhance brand recognition. We aim to provide perfect lighting solutions for every application and requirement in retail environments. As attractive, decorative or elaborate as you desire. And as efficient, functional and flexible as you need, from simple installations to professional systems. Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere which sets the stage for good goods. Showcase a shops merchandize like actors on the red carpet, make them a star and steal the limelight by presenting them in the best light. This will give endcustomers a unique experience during their shopping spree.

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Thanks to modular building blocks of five different lengths – from 10 to 119 cm – and a wide range of light colors from warm to cold white, LINEARlight Rigid NICHE offer you a high level of flexibility. They allow you to design delicate, timeless lines of light of up three meters powered by a single electronic control gear. Moreover, they are also very easy to install on surfaces with magnets or screws and are compatible with a range of accessories.

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