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Intelligent light automatically adjusts to your needs

Combine the efficiency of automatic lighting systems with the versatile possibilities of individual lighting control!

OSRAM offers you the ideal solution for every requirement and thus makes lighting design future-proof. Intelligent light management allows you to use daylight control with presence detection for maximum energy savings. Thanks to perfect light quality, you can achieve maximum visual comfort and create a feel-good atmosphere for concentrated and relaxed working. Simple planning, convenient commissioning – automatic or with a manual control.


DALIeco BT – ideal for individual offices, corridors and functional rooms

Optimal light for every area

Modern lighting systems simplify our everyday lives through high visual comfort and a pleasant, motivating ambience. With our daylight-dependent systems, you can achieve maximum efficiency by using intelligent sensor technology. In doing so, you create a harmonious unit of different light sources, realizing holistic lighting concepts that have a positive impact on well-being and performance.

Simple light management via Bluetooth

Combine modern lighting design with the advantages of efficient, fully automatic lighting!

Automatic lighting systems from OSRAM can be set up, commissioned and controlled in an intuitive way – quite easily with an app on your smartphone. This allows you to develop perfectly coordinated solutions for smaller rooms. Thanks to wireless control via Bluetooth, you can also modernize existing lighting installations and bring them simply up to date without costly construction work.

Individual lighting design

With DALIeco BT, you always have your personal light with you.

Plan dynamic lighting systems that can also be controlled manually – in no time at all with a smartphone. Employees, for example, can adjust the color temperature and amount of light at their workplace to current requirements or create an activating atmosphere in meeting rooms.

Innovative lighting control – a win-win situation for everyone involved

  • Flexible luminaire integration for luminaire manufacturers
  • Maximum design freedom for lighting designers
  • Easy to use for the operator
  • Convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance for installers


DALI Bluetooth lighting control unit for luminaire or ceiling integration

The benefits at a glance

  • Commissioning via plug and play, PC software or app
  • Individual control or standard settings via pushbutton, remote control or app
  • Installation of control components in luminaires or ceilings (independent installation)
  • Suitable for up to 32 DALI LED drivers
  • Connection of up to 4 light and motion sensors
  • Connection of classic pushbuttons via pushbutton coupler without additional power supply

In preparation:

Extension with real-time clock for automatic light value changes, e.g. for Human Centric Lighting

To the technical product information


This mobile app features autonomous connected component detection and automatic light calibration, meaning the manual commissioning and adjustment of daylight-dependent controls are now a thing of the past.

OSRAM BT Control

Control DALI-capable luminaires at a touch. This app lets users intuitively adjust light levels and color temperatures, save individual light scenes and manually overwrite automatic lighting control.