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A golden age for Dubai: the “Gold on 27” bar illuminated with LED modules from OSRAM

Gold on 27 / Burj Al Arab – Dubai, United Arab Emirates


As part of the refurbishment of world-famous luxury hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai (UAE), the night club on the 27th floor has been redesigned, creating the now legendary “Gold on 27”. The Jumeirah Group, which operates the hotel, commissioned Keane Brands with the interior design and Delta Lighting Solutions with the lighting design. For the lighting in the bar area, lighting designers used LINEARlight Flex Shortpitch LED lighting strips and OPTOTRONIC OTi DALI 75/220 LED drivers from OSRAM. The “Gold on 27” project has won several awards.


Category: Hospitality, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Architainment lighting
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules, ECG for LED modules and dimmers
Year: 2017

There is a new spot in town for Dubai's social elite. The “Gold on 27” bar in the only 7 star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab, sets new standards in terms of interior and lighting design. As the name suggests, everything here revolves around gold, which has played and still plays an important role in the history of Dubai. The interior designers from Keane Brands had the challenging task of turning the “Gold on 27” into the noblest and trendiest cocktail bar in Dubai. The plan was to create a modern interpretation of Arab luxury. Keane Brands worked closely with the team at Delta Lighting Solutions to plan and implement the project. The aim of lead designer Patricia López-Yánez was to support the interior design concept of molten shape-changing gold with an appropriate lighting concept. The lighting designers skillfully used light in such a way that the detailed design elements were highlighted to perfection: the metallic surfaces, the gold patterns on the walls, the golden sculpture on the ceiling and the illuminated bar shelves. To create a warm atmosphere the designers chose a color temperature of 2500 to 2700 K for the entire bar. For lighting the bar shelves and work spaces, flexible LED strip lighting from OSRAM was used.

Flexibility de luxe: LINEARlight Flex Shortpitch from OSRAM

The bar shelving behind the counter is one of the significant design elements. “Lighting the shelving and work spaces was a special challenge for us because of the particular conditions. We were not allowed to change anything on the walls. But the wall curves precisely at this point. So the lighting also had to be curved,” says Patricia López-Yánez. “We decided to use LINEARlight Flex Shortpitch from OSRAM because these dimmable LED strips are very flexible and easy to cut, even into very small pieces. As a result, we were able to adapt them exactly to the counter and shelves and achieve exactly the lighting effects we wanted. We used OPTOTRONIC OTi DALI 75/220 LED drivers from OSRAM because they are so compact that you can install them even in the smallest of spaces.” The extremely small distance between LEDs means that the flexible LED strips provide sufficient illumination. A warm color temperature of 2700 K highlights the golden color, and the satinized diffuser softly distributes the light along the back wall of the shelving. Despite the highly reflective metal surface a diffuse light is produced. “We are absolutely delighted with the great technical support from OSRAM,” adds the lead designer. “This was just as crucial for our choice as the high quality and flexibility of the products.”

The perfect mood: setting the different lighting scenes

After planning and installation came the magic moment that lighting designers love most: programming various lighting scenarios. For “Gold on 27”, scenes were loaded for sunset, night and special occasions. Because a bar in particular depends not only on exquisite cocktails and pleasant music, but above all on the lighting mood that is created there.

Excellent work: the awards for the “Gold on 27” project

For the lighting concept Delta Lighting Solutions was presented with the 2016 Light Middle East Award in the restaurant and bar category. At the 2017 darc awards “Gold on 27” came second. What’s more, Keane Brands received the 2017 Index Design & Architecture Award for best bar design.