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Spectacular architectural lighting concept at Novo Nordisk Headquarters

The new headquarters of the international pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk are already impressive thanks to its modern architecture and functional sustainable design. Now the lighting concept, designed by Henning Larsen Architects and awarded the 2014 Danish Lighting Award, is just as innovative. The sophisticated interaction between lighting and architecture makes the visitors and employees feel the light rather than note it. The LED lighting, which was implemented with the help of LED specialist OSRAM, makes a significant contribution to this impressive architectural lighting concept in both buildings.


Category: Office, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Architainment lighting, Conference rooms
Location: Bagsværd, Denmark
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers, Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2015

Innovative project specific luminaire concepts

The greatest challenge for OSRAM was to make the lighting canopy appear in the most spectacular light as possible, while putting a special focus on visual performance and ergonomics. The LED ceiling lighting in the atrium of building NN1 was designed to create an attractive contrast to the warmer light further down, and make visitors and employees associate it with blue sky and daylight. It was important to avoid any annoying reflections, and for the blue LED lighting to distribute the light as softly and uniformly as possible. As this extremely demanding task could not be implemented using standard luminaires, the OSRAM project managers developed a completely new luminaire concept based on the innovative OSRAM LINEARlight LED modules. The impressive result: daylight and artificial light mingle everywhere to give a homogeneous light unit and create the impression of natural light, without any visible fixtures for daylight openings.

The innovative drivers, which are necessary for the lighting display and are supplied by the OSRAM subsidiary Traxon, are housed in equipment rooms of up to 40 meters away, making them inconspicuous and easily accessible.

Leading lighting and LED expertise as well as project know-how

Most of the spectacular LED solutions in the two office buildings of the new Novo Nordisk headquarters in Bagsvaerd, Denmark, come from OSRAM: especially the dynamic RGBW lighting in one of the two canopies of light, the whole handrail lighting on the stairs, and the white and colored grazing lights for the auditorium. The customer and architects chose OSRAM, as this lighting expert and LED specialist has extensive expertise for completing such specific and difficult lighting tasks, and also offers excellent project support and service quality. All OSRAM solutions were developed together with the contractor and the engineers during the construction process, with on-site adjustment for the perfect fit.

Symbiosis of design and light

The whole lighting concept was designed based on architectural visions and plans. During the design process, the main focus remained on incorporating the lighting into the architecture as much as possible. This created an extremely powerful connection between architecture, function and light. The whole concept and all the details have been implemented with a high degree of precision, not only creating true visual highlights, but also high levels of visual comfort. The selected light colors highlight materials, shapes and colors. There is hardly any glare, and the light has an impressively gentle and soft effect wherever it needs to be particularly uniform.

“The lighting is part of the architecture and equipment, while supporting and enhancing them without coming to the fore. The project is a perfect example of exceptional lighting design, particularly because it is not the light itself that catches the eye, but the architectural unity and atmosphere created by the lighting,” explained Anne Bay, jury chairwoman and Managing Director of the Danish Center for Light, which handed over the 2014 Danish Lighting Award to Novo Nordisk.

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Combating other chronic diseases such as haemophilia, growth disorders and overweight are also among the company's objectives. Novo Nordisk currently employs approximately 39,000 people in 75 countries, and distributes its products in more than 180 countries.

Project Partner

CustomerLindpro A/S
ArchitectHenning Larsen Architects
Lichting designerChristina Augustesen, Grontmij
LandlordNovo Nordisk