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Cool LED lighting from OSRAM for Langjökull Glacier Ice Cave in Iceland


On June 1, 2015, the longest man-made glacier ice tunnel in Europe opened in Iceland. 30 meters below the surface, it stretches 550 meters deep into the solid glacial ice of the Langjökull, the second largest glacier in Europe with approximately 925 km2. The ice tunnel and the ice caves offer an opportunity now to explore the glacier also from within – and especially to see the magnificent "Blue Ice". A spectacular LED lighting with LED modules and LED luminaires from OSRAM significantly contributes to this new Iceland highlight.

Project description

What lies beneath the surface of Langjökull, has long been a secret known only to a small group of scientists and glaciologists. Now everyone can have a look inside the heart of the Langjökull and see the magnificent “Blue Ice” – in Europe’s first and biggest man-made Glacier Ice Cave. EFLA Consulting Engineers was entrusted with almost all important tasks: from environmental, safety and planning issues, through cave design, ventilation and drainage, to the electric wiring and the design of the lighting.

The lighting design was of particular importance for this project. Ágúst Gunnlaugsson, executive lighting designer at EFLA, illuminates why: "The lighting of the tunnels and caves was really a challenging project. The lighting should add to the experience for the visitors and make it even more spectacular. That is, all light sources and other installations had to be mounted under the ice, whether in the ground, in the ceiling or in the walls. In addition, we wanted only the best equipment and systems for lighting and lighting control.”


Category: Hospitality, Street & Urban, Backlighting/Signage, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Architainment lighting, Event lighting
Location: Iceland
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2015

Spectacular experience with the best possible LED lighting solutions

Gunnlaugsson explains further details: “All solutions had to be durable and robust enough to function reliably under the prevailing conditions in the ice cave, especially in the long term. The biggest challenges were humidity, wetness and the melting of ice by the thermal radiation of the light sources. Inside the tunnel, the temperature is around zero degrees, no matter if it is -20 or +20 degrees outside. Therefore, the light sources were attached to the insulation to prevent direct contact with the ice and thereby minimize melting.

Sensors and controls are used to make the experience even more effective and spectacular, but also to minimize the melting of ice and increase the service life of the LEDs. Last but not least, the price-performance ratio played a big role. We also tested LED modules from other manufacturers – but the product quality was quite different, to say the least. OSRAM has been clearly the best choice in terms of quality and price as well“.

Extremely cool, efficient and robust: OSRAM LED modules and LED lights

The following OSRAM LED lighting solutions have been used in the Langjökull ice cave: a total of almost 300 meters Value Flex Power LED strips IP66 in color temperature Warm White and Cool White as well as around 200 BoxLED Back Plus and BoxLED Side Plus LED modules with various beam angles and white color temperatures.

Additionally, five extremely bright OSRAM KREIOS WFL 162 W LED luminaires will be installed in the beginning of 2016. Here, too, the LED light sources and the required additional equipment will be supplied by Jóhann Ólafsson & Co, longtime important partner of OSRAM and probably the best lighting expert in Iceland.

Project Partner

Buying CustomerÍsgong ehf
Light PlannerÁgúst Gunnlaugsson, Efla
InstallerRafrás Ehf
OSRAM customer distributorStefán Agnar Hjörleifsson, Jóhann Ólafsson & Co