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Modern food court Østbanehallen in Oslo illuminated with highly modern LED technology

Oslo, Norway

In February 2015, Østbanehallen, the modern food court and oasis in central Oslo, reopened following extensive renovations of the 1880s building. The central hall houses restaurants, cafes and shops, and is a natural meeting place for the citizens of Oslo with its location at the end of Oslo's main shopping street, Karl Johans gate. The lighting also has been completely renovated and is almost entirely based on LED technology. A special highlight is the huge pixel wall on the east side of the hall, which can simulate different daylight moods such as the sunrise or the blue hour. The wall consists of large, partly overlapping glass plates that are illuminated by OSRAM LED modules.


Category: Hospitality, Retail, Flexible Lighting
Subcategory: Video Walls Signage, Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Oslo, Norway
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules, ECG for LED modules and dimmers
Year: 2015

When Østbanehallen was originally built as Oslo's first train station it had an open east facing facade that allowed the morning light to fill the giant room. This was used as the basic idea behind the design of the pixel wall on the east side of the hall – the daytimes should once again be allowed into Østbanehallen.

OSRAM LED solutions provide special atmosphere

The wall makes it possible not only to have an indoor sunrise, but also to emphasize the blue hour, and the shifting light throughout the day. The pixel wall is the only of its kind, and consists of 71 large glass plates that are completely transparent and placed partially in two layers to create depth effects. All plates are illuminated by OSRAM LINEARlight Colormix Flex LED stripes mounted above and below the disc, which can be controlled individually for each plate. One plate is like a pixel and brightness and color are controlled separately from the control system.

Project Partner

Project realiserMorten Jensen / AF Liqhtinq Oslo