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Controlling light without a control unit

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12.11.2018 | Products

Even in confined spaces – daylight and presence control

Slim design and full functionality are no longer mutually exclusive: The ultra-flat system consisting of an LED driver and a light and motion sensor (OTi DALI xxx D LT2 UF L and LS/PD LT2 LI UF) is self-sufficient and does not require an additional daylight and presence control unit.

With a focus on floor-standing and pendant luminaires, you connect the sensor directly to up to 2 LED drivers. An additional standard pushbutton can be connected to the driver for manual switching and dimming (OSRAM Touch DIM).

For more details on functions refer to our LEDset Application Guide, pages 19 and 20.

Download the complete LEDset application guide OSRAM product catalog: Sensor LS/PD LT2 LI UF OSRAM product catalog: OPTOTRONIC Intelligent Ultraflat