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The perfect overview: Smart light management from Basic to Professional

Light Management Systems (LMS)

20.06.2019 | Products

Now all in one brochure: Seamless control of every project – with OSRAM

Overview of features
The new brochure describes the features of our LMS products – control units, stand-alone sensors such as DALI sensors. It thus provides a comprehensive overview of the scope of performance of the various systems. Practical application examples illustrate typical installations that seamlessly connect lighting control and sensor technology – from Basic to Professional. Thanks to a large number of features, the variable system solutions from OSRAM provide many useful options for projects of any size and scope. You will benefit in many ways: reduced energy costs, enhanced lighting comfort, development of HCL concepts with Tunable White systems and wirelessly connected installations.

Get inspired by practical application examples
The DALI PCU push-button control unit and the DALI MCU digital rotary dimmer, for example, are simply ideal to control either an entire conference room with partition walls or each partitioned section separately – even with Tunable White when using DALI MCU TW. The DALI ACU BT control unit allows you to divide the luminaires e.g. in classrooms into up to four different groups which can be dimmed and switched manually. And via the Bluetooth interface, you can even do this on your smartphone. Further practical examples demonstrate sophisticated control solutions with sensors for a hotel lounge, an open-plan office and a hotel hall.

In addition to the brochure, the new overview poster provides a compact summary of our LMS components along with system overviews for certain control units and sensors.

Contents of the brochure:

  • Possibilities provided by state-of-the-art light management
  • System solutions from Basic to Professional
  • Features of the control units and sensors
  • Product description of LMS components
  • Practical application examples

Find out about the benefits of state-of-the-art light management for you … / or… your projects!

Poster: LMS product overview Brochure: Light is universal – Control by demand