Преимущества продукта
  • Можно легко уменьшить до любой длины
  • Быстрый и простой монтаж профиля с помощью саморезов или заклепок
  • Быстрый и простой монтаж светодиодных модулей с помощью защелок без использования инструментов
  • Прочный алюминиевый профиль
Области применения
  • Реклама и буквенное обозначение

Технические данные

Размеры и вес

Вес продукта

180,00 g


16,0 mm


2365 mm


37,6 mm

Условия поставки

Код заказа


Environmental information

Information according Art. 33 of EU Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACh)

Date of Declaration


Primary Article Identifier


Candidate List Substance 1

No declarable substances contained

Declaration No. in SCIP database

No declarable substances contained

Информация об упаковке







4008321981110 UNV

Без упаковки

4008321981127 VS

Коробка для транспортировки товара

24 2438mm x 202mm x 100mm 6809.00g 49.25дм³


Information about Family

Характеристики продукта
  • Универсальный монтажный профиль для одно- или двухсторонних световых коробов
  • Общая длина: 2 000 мм
Ecodesign regulation information:
  • This product is considered to be a "containing product" in the sense of Regulations (EU) 2019/2020 and (EU) 2019/2015.
  • Tolerances of the reported values, are according to LED Modules Performance standard IEC/EN 62717.
  • In general, the replacement of the contained light sources without permanent damage to the product with the use of common available tools is possible in the final application when they can be dismantled from the installation environment and substituted for the necessary number of light sources restoring its full electrical/mechanical/thermal/optical functionality by means of a professional installer.
    In the contrary, and limited to the LINEARlight Flex Diffuse, LINEARlight Rigid Finesse, GINO LED Flex Diffuse and LUMINENT Milky product families, the contained light source is an integrated part of the containing product and its removal can only be done by causing a permanent damage to the containing product due to its tight mechanical, electrical, optical, thermal interaction and/or environmental protection with or from the containing product. Therefore, a replacement of the light source with the use of common available tools is not justified.
  • Dismantling of light sources from containing products at end of life: Containing products with light sources which are scalable in length can be cut to the length of the contained light source and if applicable mechanically detached from protective and/or optical covers. Containing products shall be separated from building material and/or from other additional mounting accessories by means of a professional installer.
    Separate control gear and light sources must be disposed of at certified disposal companies in accordance with Directive 2012/19/EU (WEEE) in the EU and with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013 in the UK. For this purpose, collection points for recycling centres and take-back systems (CRSO) are available from retailers or private disposal companies, which accept separate control gear and light sources free of charge. In this way, raw materials are conserved and materials are recycled.