OSRAM AirZing UV-Compact Pro

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AirZing UV-Compact Pro
The ultra-stylish premium version offers more complete air purification, thanks to an additional filtration system. The HEPA filter (which can be cleaned or replaced) removes dust, smoke, pollen and other large particles from the air while the powerful UV-C lamp destroys dangerous microorganisms. The dual speed settings allow you to adjust the flow of air to your comfort, using the intuitively designed interface.

All the benefits of the AirZing UV-Compact plus 4 additional features:
- 2 Step purification: UV-C lamp with a built-in HEPA filter for dust and pollen
- Two separately located USB ports for convenient charging
- Automatic off function helps preserve battery life
- Lamp replacement possible


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AirZing UV-Compact Pro Pro 1
14 m³/ h HEPA H11-Filter USB-C 70,0 mm