The new OSLON® Pure for highest luminance at smallest size

The new OSLON® Pure for highest luminance at smallest size

The new LED is destined to be used in spotlights for retail lighting where exceptionally compact LEDs with high light output are needed to bathe the articles on display in a particularly attractive light. The scalability of the LEDs gives customers outstanding flexibility in putting together their individual lighting solutions.

OSLON® Pure 1010

Perfect lambertian emitters with real chip scale package for small luminaire designs

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors’ new OSLON® Pure LEDs are lambertian emitters at real chip scale size presenting the highest luminance available on the market. Their superior quality without bond wires or need for spacing makes them the perfect fit for dense clustering and high luminous flux output, seamless and flexible assembly on boards also enables customer specific COB-replacements. OSLON® Pure provides lambertian emission in the smallest form factor possible for a 1 mm2 die, simplifying luminaire designs.

  • Real Chip Scale Package (1 ×1 mm) with top emitter perfect fit for high dense clustering, tunable CCT and miniature narrow viewing angle spot light
  • Best in class Color-Over-Angle
  • Available with CRI 80, CRI 90
  • Wide range of CCT selection
  • Amount and format of OSLON® Pure assembly can match all sorts of requirements for luminous flux and efficacy
  • High class shop lighting
  • Brand fashion boutiques
  • Jewelry stores
  • Customized COB designs
  • Small luminaire designs